Additional information helpful in challenging the assessment

For all properties:

•         If you obtained an appraisal of the property within last two years, as part of refinance or, for any other reason;

•         If you have any application(s) for permits made for work on the property;

•         If property has been listed for sale or rent; or

•         If you are experience any vacancy, or unoccupied space due to loss of tenants, unpaid rent, fire, water or other physical damage


For Income producing properties:

•         Rent Roll

•         Current Leases

•         2019, 2020 and 2021 Federal Income Tax Returns (Schedule E or Form 8825)

•         2022 (Interim) Income and Expenses Statement (up-to-date)

•         Photographs of the property. Include front and rear exterior view

•         IF VACANCY:  documentation of leasing or marketing efforts, e. g. listings, brochures, advertisements, listing agreements, invoices for advertisements.

•         IF VACANCY: photographs of the vacant space or units.